January 24, 2007


I really need to NOT keep my predictions to myself and post them on here. Because I know when things are going to happen. But I suppose everyone could accuse me of altering my timestamp on my posts. So I can't win.


My prediction this time was that there would be a MINNESOTA CONNECTION as Brian Rolston from the Minnesota Wild would score on Martin Broduer. I didn't know he would do it twice in the same period, but I knew it would be once.

Speaking of Marty, he gave up SIX goals in the second period. SIX FREAKIN' GOALS. IN ONE PERIOD. This is Martin Brodeur we are talking about. I mean, I know it's an All-Star game, and I'd much rather have Brodeur do well in the regular season (which he's doing) than have him play well in a meaningless exhibition. But it's still disheartening to see him flounder around like this. Sickening. Let's forget about all of this. Don't tell anyone this took place.

Deja Vu

From Red Hot Momma:

"Crack Technical Staff likes the idea, thanks to the fact that Saarloos is from Oakland, which you have to admit, is an organization that knows a thing or two about pitching.
That's pretty much exactly what I said in my most recent post.

Reds get Saarloos


Not a huge move, but I have always liked the Athletics in terms of their pitching. They know what they are doing and they have solid contributers. I like this guy and I enjoyed watching him every now and then for the A's. The Reds are debating whether to use him as a starter or in relief. I would opt for the former. He would be a decent starter, a good #4 or #5 and I believe he has the potential to keep getting better. I think he will fit in very well and play well for us. That's the hope, anyway. What did the Reds give up? David Shafer, a pitcher from Double A. Not a huge deal at all. A deal well done. I'm pretty excited about it.

Also, the Reds signed Mark Bellhorn to a minor league deal. The guy's fallen off the map, but he was a decent player back in the day. And thus continues Krivsky's fascination with the oldies.

Zach Parise MVP of the Young Stars Game

'Atta boy.

Mavericks 111, Magic 95

Not much to compain about here. When you win 21 of your last 22 games, you're doing pretty well. The only team in the NBA that I remain afraid of are the Suns. Not the Spurs anymore, though I should. And not the Lakers, though I should. I think the Mavericks are the best team in the NBA, but I think they are susceptible to being beaten by the Suns more than anyone else. I don't know, call it a hunch. Nowitzki went off, scoring 33 and rebounding 10 for a sweet double-double. He is clearly back to being the man in charge. Just another win. I don't really know what to say. Either Nowitzki scores the most or Howard does. If Nowitzki scores the most, Howard scores in the mid-20's, which he did tonight with 25. The Mavericks usually win the rebounding war, which they did tonight. They usually shoot better from the floor, which they did (56-43%). They started off hot, taking a dominating first quarter lead. They used to do that a lot and hadn't been doing it as much, but they went back to that tonight. I mentioned to my girlfriend last night that it's boring sometimes. It's actually annoying for the Mavericks to win, and that makes no sense to me since I am a huge fan. It's hard to explain. It's just great scoring, great teamwork, great defense. Every night. It's hard to complain, but something makes me nervous. I wish they would translate this sucess into the postseason. And they did that last year, by dominating the Grizzlies, and by beating the Spurs in the best series of the year and then finishing off the Suns. And then they lost all their magic against the Heat. Not much else to say. Goodbye.