March 27, 2007

Bellhorn, Crosby stay - for now

From Rosey Crayons.

Very odd, since I fully expected both of them to be gone to other teams later this week. Thankfully, as far as Crosby is concerned, that's not the case. He'll be sticking around. So will Bellhorn. Interesting stuff, but Bellhorn might not be around for much longer. Can't imagine both guys sticking with the team for very long, but that's the case as it stands right now.

Raiders = losers in free agency

Raider-bashing on display in full force:

It's fair to say that the Raiders just don't get it. Running back Dominic Rhodes is a solid backup, but the rest of the signings were a bunch of flotsam. Center Jeremy Newberry is just about done and fullback Justin Griffith is just a guy. Worse yet, the Raiders were badly snubbed by a series of players such as Garcia and just about any top free agent running back.

In fact, just about any agent you talk to essentially laughed about the notion of signing his player with the Raiders, admitting that Oakland was merely used as a bargaining chip with other teams in hopes of forcing the price up. Most of the time, the strategy failed as teams saw through the ploy.

What the Raiders are left with is a serious problem at quarterback (Andrew "Tree Stump" Walter is all they have right now) and an offensive line that was no better than a year ago. Even with the No. 1 overall pick, the Raiders have a weak foundation to build upon.