February 21, 2007

The Alice Mavericks??

Josh Howard has an interesting quote in the Dallas Morning News:

They used to call us the Alice Mavericks, or whatever.
I don't know if it's Howard's fault, or Eddie Sefko's fault for writing it wrong, but somebody got it wrong.

The quote is in reference to how the Mavericks never used to play defense, so other teams would think they were soft. To that extent, I suppose "Alice Mavericks" makes sense, calling them by a girly name. But actually what Howard meant to say (or Sefko meant to write) was that they used to be called the "Allas Mavericks" because they had no 'D.' Get it? They didn't play defense, had no 'D' so therefore take that letter out of their name and they become the Allas Mavericks.

It's a small bone to pick, but a bone. Chew on it.

Pick Russell, says Dan Pompei

He says it right here:

So who should Davis pick?

Given the state of the Raiders, Davis needs a hero. Russell would look better in tights and a cape, as well as in black and silver.

As you can tell, with the "given the state of the Raiders..." Mr. Pompei does not avoid taking many shots at the Oakland Raiders organization, particularly Al Davis. But that's to be expected. Hopefully we can give them a reason to stop doing it.