February 20, 2007

Devils 2, Rangers 1

Well, the Devils keep scoring 2 goals. Thankfully, it's usually enough when Brodeur only lets in 1 or none at all. Another great divisional game. Another slugfest (with Marty getting in on the action!) as emotions were running high. And the penalties were kinda taking off there in the late stages of the game, similar to the Islanders game. Gotta love end-of-the-year divisional games. No, you actually have to. You are FORCED to.

The Devils got off to a quality start and played their typical game of hockey in the first period. They had more shots and the only goal, a nice play resulting in a goal for Ralf. The second period, and the third period for that matter, were definitely controlled by the Rangers. Petr Prucha, who never scores goals unless it's against the Devils, got another one. They had tons more shots than the Devils did, ending up with a 36-26 edge, with all but one getting stopped by the Vezina Trophy winner Martin Brodeur. The Devils only amassed five shots, but they were the right ones. At least one of them was, as Zach Parise beat Lundqvist for the game winner. I don't understand how that automatically makes him the first star. Brodeur played lights out, stopping 35 shots, some of them trickier than others, and he gets beat by Parise ONLY because he scored the game winner. Something not right about that. I mean, granted, Zach is playing great but come on.

Good game, team. Let's beat 'em again next time.

Mock Draft

Lance Zierlein at the Houston Chronicle Blog says it's Calvin (Hobbes not included):

I know that J.Russell is the consensus here for most mocks, but don't forget that Al Davis isn't your average owner and he also remembers being burned by Todd Marinovich and Marc Wilson as first round QBs in 1991 and 1980 respectively. I'm going to gamble that the Raiders trade one of their disgruntled WRs and the Raiders go with the best player on the board, Calvin Johnson.
Interesting. He also adds this, and by adding I mean putting this before his draft board:
...a very real possibility and that is Al Davis and the Raiders passing on JaMarcus Russell. Al Davis has been burned by QBs before and he might not be willing to sink "first pick of the draft" money into a QB with "potential" rather than a monster like Calvin Johnson.

Mock Draft

The Football Expert sees J-Marc dressing in the Silver & Black:

Calvin Johnson’s recent forty time of 4.33 at a simulated combine at a speed camp is very tempting. Al Davis realizes though that if Aaron Brooks is still under center, you could lineup Superman and Captain America and still go 3-13 every year.
Got to give him credit for making me laugh at least. Russell is clearly the frontrunner.

Josh Hamilton profile

Nice article by Mark Sheldon at the Red's MLB site. Here.

You have to cheer for the guy and hope it works. But at the same time, you want there to be some reason to keep him around. You want there to be ability and skill. Hopefully that will be the case.

The Prospect

Here's Homer Bailey, folks. The guy who will probably not get a shot at #5, but might. The guy who is eventually our #1 for maybe three years until he receives a huge contract from some other team.

And he's not the only one with outrageously ugly long hair. Why do pitchers do this? It's nasty and I can't imagine it helps - even mentally. There must be something about it, but yikes.

There's Arroyo a post or so down below. Then there's Paul Wilson. Double yikes.

Then there's Majew, of course. "Hey, don't blame me for The Trade."

Then there's guys like Billy Bray, Todd Coffey, Harang, Weathers, and others who just get it. Keep it short, keep it simple, and don't look like a girl. Fair enough?

Ahhhhhhhh....................spring training photographs make me smile.

San Diego Chargers hire Norval Turner

That's right folks, Norv(al) Turner is back to being a head coach in the AFC West. At least it will still be easy to cheer against the Chargers. I mean, this guy is no Marty Schottenheimer, who is easy for anybody to dislike. But he's still the guy that did JACK SQUAT for the Raiders when he coached us. And people are saying, "Well, he's going to the Chargers, Senator. 14-2. He's not going to an awful situation like with Oakland." And to that, I slap the young man in the mouth for speaking these atrocities. Uhhhhhhhh......go Raiders!