January 10, 2007

P.O.D. and the Chargers

I suppose this is Raiders related, but it gets the yellow. Because this is about one of my favorite bands of all-time, Payable on Death, and one of my least favorite sports teams of all time, the San Diego Chargers. Being from the Sandy Egg, P.O.D. likes the Chargers. And they are performing at a Chargers playoff rally and writing a new "theme song" for the Chargers. I found this out on their MySpace page.

"P.O.D. will be performing today at the San Diego Chargers Playoff Power Rally which runs from 3PM to 6:30PM in the Qualcomm Stadium Parking Lot (Section F2) in San Diego. The band is out to support the San Diego Chargers by recording a theme song for the team. "Turns out the song is blowing up in Southern Cali and is already being played in the stadium at the games," the band stated in their official newsletter. Fans can check out the "Charger Anthem" right here! Details are being worked out to get the "Chargers Anthem" available on iTunes soon!"

This saddens me.

Check out this post

If you're into the Devils just a little smidge, read John's post over at In Lou We Trust. He breaks down the All-Star selections today, which I noticed making my rounds this morning. Didn't see any Devils. I really expected only one of them to be there. That would be Martin Brodeur, who I expect to see every year. Hard to argue against Ryan Miller, my second-favorite goalie. Easier to argue when Brodeur has been better than this guy, but hard to ignore Buffalo's success in last year's playoffs when Miller was dominant with his unorthodox and in-your-face style. And hard to ignore Buffalo's domination this year. But, like John says, Brodeur will be in the All-Star game. There's no way to leave the guy off the list. He's a beast. There's also links to a couple articles that you should read, they are worth your time. One in particular, which we Devils fans get a lot of, the BORING trap defense. I'll admit, it bores me sometimes, but it's more complex than it looks. And guess what? It gets the FREAKIN' JOB DONE. So eat it, because you sure as heck can't beat it.


Asomugha named second team All-Pro

Good for him. He earned it. Too bad his team didn't.


Mavericks 108, Jazz 105

Crazy game right there. The Mavs were down at halftime, and that's not a good sign when you're playing a tough Utah team at home where they are even better. But Stackhouse went nuts and killed everybody in the face and then yelled at everyone else, and Dirk went crazy in a different way, by scoring 38 points. That was helped by the fact that he took 15 shots from the free throw line, making 13 of them. The Mavs scored on 53% of their shots, which is one of their highest tallies on the road, so that no doubt helped. Mr. Consistent, Josh Howard, had his usual 21 points and 9 boards. After being really solid for a while, Dampier has fallen off the map. Solid contributions from the guards again tonight, Jason Terry and Devin Harris still playing well. For Utah, it was Carlos Boozer as everyone could expect throwing in 29 points. But he didn't really dominate, which is a good thing. Extremely tough road trip, Spurs-Lakers-Jazz. Winning two out of three was a great victory, it would be almost unheard of in recent years except for the fact that the Jazz came out of nowhere this year. Hosting the Portland TokeBlazers tonight.