February 1, 2007

Creighton 82, Bradley 71

Sure, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 95-94. But that's not the story.

I travelled with my friend Brett to Peoria, Illinois last night. It was about a 25-minute trip to see our favorite NCAA basketball team. Brett's from Omaha, going to college with me at Eureka. I just like Creighton ever since they beat Florida in triple-overtime in the NCAA Tournament a few years ago. We dressed up, we made outrageously absurd signs, and we were treated to a dominating performance from the Bluejays. They started off red hot, making their first six shots, four of them were 3-pointers, and they were up 16-3. Bradley never got within more than 9 points after that as Nate Funk & Co. took over. Actual, Watts was dang good last night, hitting the 3 ball well and playing a tough inside game. Tolliver was weaker than usual, but he got fouled hard all night long. Miles was solid and helped out in several key moments. Bradley just took way too many dang 3's, and thankfully missed a great deal of them. It was a great, great night.