February 9, 2007

Raiders hire Tom Rathman

He is the new Running Backs Coach. He was previously with the Detroit Lions and 49ers under the same title. Lots o' changes going on, this one seems like all the rest. Fine right now. But we'll see the final product when we see it. When I look at the sidelines of all the Raiders games, I won't recognize anyone. Except Rob Ryan. That's it. Shucks.

Folks, remember something. Don't get caught up in the hype. By no means bog yourselves down in pessimism, but let's be real. Just because Darren Perry comes from the Steelers and because they have great pass defense doesn't mean ours will stay elite. Just because Tom Cable is a thousand pounds thick and has coached some great offensive linemen doesn't mean our line will be great. Just because Tom Rathman coached the Niners when they were running the ball like crazy and coached Kevin Jones at Detroit and Jones rushed for a ton of yards doesn't mean our running game will all of a sudden be incredible. Just because Greg Knapp is the new OC doesn't mean our offense will emulate the Atlanta Falcons. Let's keep some perspective here. Hard not to be a little optimistic, though.

Mock Draft

Yahoo! Sports' John Murphy cracks open the case yet again, coming to the same conclusion as he did before, that the Raiders take JaMarcus Russell, QB from LSU:

His ability to keep his eyes focused downfield, plus his rifle arm and eye-opening size, would make him a perfect fit for a Raiders team that lacked firepower and punch in its offense this past season.
Okay. Make it so.