February 18, 2007

Devils 2, Islanders 0

How many times must I type in that score? It seems a lot. It seems this score happens every time the Devils and Islanders play. Brodeur just knows what he's doing. The Devils figure out how to score at the most opportune times. The defense knows when to open it up and when to shut it down. This game was physical. And rightly so. Lots of fights, lots of other aggressive penalties, lots of bad blood. And yet, you look up and see the score was the same it's always been. America's Goaltender let in two goals, and the Canadian Beast shut 'em out again. That's 11. That's quite a few. 91 overall. There is no one else even close to winning the Vezina Trophy this year. It's Martin Brodeur, hands up and hands down and hands everywhere in between. It would definitely help to have Gionta and White back, but when I'm listening to the games, I don't miss them as much because everyone else is picking up their game. But those are still two huge cogs in the machine and if they need time to get ready for the grind, so be it. As long as they can come back 100% or close to it, we'll be okay. We've got Brodeur back there. Which is good enough most times. It's always good enough against the Isles. That's just how it goes.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu

In a night that featured Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry, it was the above guy who shined the most for the Mavericks. And he doesn't even really play with the Mavs. Pops was named the MVP of the NBA's first Developmental League exhibition game. And he got 30 points and was a beast. Nowitzki got third in the 3-point shooting contest and Jason Terry came in last. Oh well. Go West, tonight. Young man. I already said that but there it is again.