January 25, 2007

Bulls 96, Mavericks 85

Consider me spoiled, but that sucked.

Reds in the division

Each time the Cubs make a deal, I feel small. And sad. But they've done it again, this time getting Cliff Floyd from the Mets. The Cubs have retained Aramis Ramirez and made deals so far to get: Alfonso Soriano, Mark DeRosa, Neal Cotts, Ted Lilly, Jason Marquis, and now Cliff Floyd. I know the Reds can't compete with that, they do what they can as a smaller-market team. It just sucks that they can't truly compete. I just have a bad feeling the Cubs are going to break the curse and win the World Series. It just makes sense because since I've been in Illinois, all of the surrounding teams have been winning. The Cubs are the only ones left.

Narron on Josh Hamilton


"Even if he goes 0-for-his-first-50, we'll keep running him out there and let him play."
How about....NOT doing that?

Roddick loses

Lost in the shuffle of sports TEAMS is my favorite tennis player, that being Andy Roddick. He got DESTROYED last night (or this morning) by Roger Federer - 6-4, 6-0, 6-2. I watched it live.

What this means is that they are playing the Australian Open. It's on the other side of the world. The match started at 2:45am Central Standard Time. I went to sleep at 10:00, got a phone call from my friend Brett at 2:30 saying that he was coming over. We watched the match. Thankfully, it ended quickly for a tennis match, and we got back to sleep before 4:15. Of all the nights to screw up college sleep and mess around with sleep cycles and classes, we thought it would be a good idea to take a shot on this match. It was a bad mistake, my friends. We thought since Roddick had come close, and even beat Federer in a meaningless exhibition, that he was "closing the gap." It couldn't have been further from the truth last night. Part of me wishes I would have kept sleeping. But the experience was interesting. It just sucked.

Don't make the same mistakes I've made, kiddos.