February 17, 2007

Mock Draft

The big boys at CBS Sportsline check into things:

JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU -- Why not? Raiders need a quarterback who can handle the vertical game. Russell qualifies. Still, you never can be sure when it comes to the Raiders -- though it's probably safe to assume they don't use this first-rounder on a kicker.
Wow. Four sentences, half of which contain only two words, and he manages to get in two slaps in the face to the Oakland faithful. Granted, the old adage, "You never knwo when it comes to Oakland (or Al Davis) isn't much of a slap, but that is the intention, and EVERYONE writes it. The kicker thing is funny, though. Ah, screw it.

Mock Draft

Football (at About.com) weighs in on the whole deal, retroactively hopping on the bandwagon:

1.Oakland Raiders - Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech With rumors swirling of an instant fallout between Randy Moss and new head coach Lane Kiffin, it seems likely that Moss won't be wearing the silver and black next season. That opens up a spot for a top-shelf WR in Oakland, and that's where Johnson comes in.
It still makes a good deal of sense, but it doesn't seem very practical here. The guy is a beast, that's for sure. Wouldn't hurt to have him, but I don't think WR is a pressing position. Not only for the Raiders, but for any team really. There are more important cogs. It is nice to see something different than JaMarcus Russell, however. Still.......something makes me think for making a big deal out of this that the Raiders trade the #1 pick away, so all of these mock drafts won't mean a dang thing.

Reds MLB asks me some questions

Here you are, ma'am

Could the jockeying for position also include super prospect Bailey? Unlikely, but a lights-out spring could make the question all the more intriguing.

The Reds also haven't named a closer yet to open the regular season. Weathers, Stanton, Ligtenberg, Bray and Coffey are among those in the mix.

Another spring storyline: Could this be the year that Griffey moves from his familiar center field to right field?
1. No go on Bailey
2. There won't be a clear closer, but it will be Weathers to start. If not, it's Coffey.
3. Sadly, no.

Penguins 5, Devils 4

I warned you.

Not bad offensive hockey, and that's going to have to be the case the rest of the way against Pitt, because their goalie is not a stud. Otherwise, pretty poor game. There's no denying the Penguins are the best team in the NHL as of currently and they are dangerous, that's for sure. They will challenge for the Atlantic.

NBA All-Star Game Tomorrow Night

Go West! (young man)