February 10, 2007

Asomugha given offer to play in Pro Bowl, still can't go

Weird story.

The deal here is that Rashean Mathis of the Jaguars got injured and couldn't play. So Asomugha got a last-minute call from the Pro Bowl honchos telling him to get on the next flight out of wherever he was. Problem was, the next flight out would get him to Honolulu AFTER the game was scheduled to be over. Whoops. Oh well. He'll be there someday, unless last year was an aberration. Which it might have been.

Martin Brodeur shuts it down

Great post by Tom Lycan right.......................here.

Mavericks 95, Rockets 74

On a night where he was the high scorer in the game, Josh Howard also found out that he was going to the All-Star game. And rightly so.

What can you say about the Mavs that hasn't been said? I've said it all already. The Rockets were the better team in the first quarter. They scored 24 points. Seeing how incredibly low their final score was, we can deduct that they scored 50 points the rest of the game. Considering the Mavs have scored 40+ points in a quarter three times , that's pretty poor. The Mavericks didn't need a lot of anything really, but they still won by 20 points. Howard was the man, and fitting as he is going to the Big Dance with his teammate Nowitzki. The defense was dang good. Case in point = Tracy McGrady. 14 points in the first quarter. Ended up with 20 points, so he got 6 the rest of the game, a microcosm of the Rockets struggles as a whole. I dig it.

This team cannot lose. I hope they don't. I mean, they will. I just think they deserve the NBA Title. I don't want it handed to them, but the Colts were the best team in the NFL according to me, and they won it. It made sense. The Mavericks not only have the best record but are the best team in the NBA. It makes sense for them to win the whole thing. I just hope they can pull through.