March 29, 2007

Reds News

Go read Fay.

Denorifa needs Tommy John surgery and will miss almost the whole year. That's a huge blow. Did anybody see this coming? At all? Where is this out of, besides left field? Dang, man. So it's down to Norris Hopper vs. Chad Moeller. Probably not many Hopper fans, but I am sure many would prefer to see him over Moeller. Moeller hasn't had a bad spring, though. And you know it's inevitable the spot goes to Moeller, so you might as well deal with it and hope he can be at least adequate.

My Man Bobby & Majew were sent to Triple A. I was sad to see My Man Bobby go, but I have a feeling we'll see him again. He's too good. The race is off for Belisle & Saarloos, who nobody has talked about, seeing that we assumed he would get a bullpen spot. So you have to hope for Belisle, I mean you have to. Or Santos. But supposedly, he might fit in the bullpen. Might. It's him vs. Burton & Coutlangus. I like both of the young guys, and I like young over old, but I would take Santos right now.

Billy Bray & The Lizard will start the season on the DL. Also Gil & Keppinger but nobody is watching those two. I miss Bray already. Gordo, of course, is still on the DL as well.

This is so much to take. Too emotional right now. Where was the info about Milton being dumped?

Sabres 4, Devils 3

Dang. Tough loss. They all are at this point, let's be honest.

I actually got to listen to the game this team. It had its moments but it just seemed like a hockey game. Wasn't a whole lot going on. I mean, there were plenty of goals, it just wasn't very exciting to me, that's all. The Devils actually played pretty well, which is a good thing I guess, going into the playoffs. I would prefer to have them winning heading into the playoffs, but at least they are playing well. That Clarkson guy sure has been doing pretty good.

The game felt like it was pretty much a two-goal lead throughout, but the Sabres didn't have that actual lead until the beginning of the third period. The game actually ended up being 4-2, but Parise chipped in a meaningless goal with a few seconds remaining. What can you do? They played a better team last night. Paul Martin's goal in the middle of the third made it 3-2 and you could smell that maybe something was in the works, but 2 minutes the Sabres got that tw0-goal lead back up and it was clearly over.

Gotta keep trying. Where's Brodeur these days?

Dirk Nowitzki "Obviously" Watch

"There's really no need right now to make things worse at this point in the season. Avery told me to sit it out so obviously it was killing me in a close game to sit back and watch."

Mavericks 105, Bucks 103

6-0 on the road trip, coming home, relax, and almost lose to the Milwaukee Bucks? You've got to be kidding me, right? Wrong. Gut check time. Thankfully the Mavs pulled it off.

It didn't help having Nowitzki out the second half with an ankle injury. It was scary times, though we have seen it before. He just came out late in the second quarter but eventually returned, so people thought it was okay. But he couldn't get it going in the second half, so people were scared again. Apparently where it stands now is that he is fine and ready to go but his ankle is not good. He's going to play on it regardless. We'll see how they handle him for the rest of the season. And he wasn't the only one, Josh Howard tweaked his ankle late in the game. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!

The good news is the first to 60 wins. Both in terms of the Mavericks are the first to 60 wins, and the team that gets to 60 first wins. Maybe.

After Nowitzki was injured out, the Bucks went on a tear to lead the game at halftime. Even though the Mavs struggled at times late, they eventually closed it out thanks in large part to Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse. Terry ended up with 27 points. He knew he had to lead this team and he did a dang good job of it making many key baskets down the stretch. Stackhouse's 21 points were also crucial and he was 5/8 on 3's. Howard & Nowitzki ended up with 17 a-piece, Howard also getting 9 rebounds.

For the Bucks, Michael Redd took over and it wasn't hard to see coming. He ended up with 34 points, but the great part of that stat was that he scored 0 points in the fourth quarter. The Mavs made it their top priority to get the dang ball out of his hands and it worked wonders. Thankfully. But he still owned the game for the first three quarters, that's for sure.

Dallas launched a lot of 3's and ended up making 11 of them. The free throws weren't great, especially down the stretch. That could have allowed the Bucks to come back and win it, but thankfully there were strong defensive plays late in the game. The best free throw shooting team will have their off nights, but it's still tough to watch clankers late in the game. Once again the Mavs surpass 20 assists and win the game, this time with 24.

The Mavs got outshot, outrebounded, outassisted, outstealed, and outblocked, but they won the game. 60 wins. The first to 60 wins.