June 7, 2007

Congratulations to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks

2007 Stanley Cup Champions

Gotta give it up for Scott Neidermayer, that's for sure. Glad he got the Conn Smythe trophy, but I had him ranked as #3 behind:

#1) J-S Jiggy
#2) Andy Mac

But he was the heart of the team, and there you have it. Blew my prediction out of the water. As Ottawa was shredding the Eastern Conference, it became obvious that they would wipe the mat with the Ducks when it was supposed to be the Red Wings after all. But what became clearer was the fact that the West was the best.

It certainly became hard to cheer for Ottawa when Pronger was suspended but Neil wasn't, and then when there were NO repercussions when Alfredsson shot the puck right at Neidermayer in Game 4. Oh well. The better team won, and that's always fun.