January 26, 2007

Devils 2, Lightning 0

First Period: Brian Gionta, Devils (Gomez, Elias) Second Period:
Third Period:

Shots on Goal:
28-25 Tampa Bay Lightning

Penalties: Devils - 4 minutes, Lightning - 8 minutes


This is a first period I can live with. The Lightning are fast. One could say "lightning quick" but then that one would get shot because that's a dumb thing to say. But yes, the score is in the Devils favor currently, which is nice. It's also nice to see that the first line is living up to being the first line and not having to have the second line pick them up. Though the second line would answer the call, no doubt. Especially with the Young Stars MVP Parise in there mixing it up. But I wasn't simply pleased with the goal by the first line, their entire play this period was very solid. Everyone is talking about rust after the All-Star game. I don't get it. It's ALWAYS mentioned. I'm sure it's being mentioned in every other hockey game. It makes no sense. This is just another game to me. Not a big difference. One thing for the Devils to improve is faceoffs, they are getting blown out of the water so far 12-3. But that's been a weak point for the Devils all year, especially recently. Good thing Marty isn't playing like he was in the All-Star game, but I told you that it doesn't matter anyway.


Amidst many technical difficulties (which will probably continue into and beyond the third period) I didn't really keep up with this period. What I know is that the Devils won a handful more faceoffs and the shots on goal were about just as even as they were in the first with the Devils maximizing their shot selection and the Lightning minimizing their quality chances, but only because their shots were being taken at a MAN-BEAST in Martin Brodeur. Tom Chorski just said to me, "And the Devils head into the third period not having given up a goal. How many times have we seen this with Martin Broduer?" And I answered to him, "Several." But he didn't hear me. Because he was on the radio and I was in reality.


So what? Pando throws in an empty-netter (which I have ALWAYS called for not actually counting towards a player's goals or assists, but NO ONE listens to me on this issue). Martin Brodeur gets ANOTHER shutout and nobody blinks an eye because that's what he is supposed to do. So what? The Devils play "Devil hockey" and if I have to type that in quotes one more time then I'm going to rip out my eyelashes one at a time. I mean, what's the point? The Devils roll again. They suffocate the Lightning for once in a blue moon and rock the standings yet again. I'll take it. Don't get me wrong. Is the NHL ready for this? I mean, it's only been 15+ years that it's been going on.