February 27, 2007

Josh Howard's ankle

While we're on the subject of great quotes, this one's a doozy:

"I'm the only one it's been happening to and I know it's not fate. Somebody's telling somebody to do something."
And there you have it.

Ryan Freel

Probably my favorite Reds player. Good quote from Lonnie Wheeler in his article today about center field:

the man who never put on a uniform he couldn't soil by the second inning
That's a pretty cool compliment.

Mavericks 110, Atlanta 87

I don't know what to write anymore.

When I first got into this sports blogging thing, back on the first day of 2007, I didn't go into it with the intention of writing recaps of all the games my teams played. I wanted to do analysis, I wanted to crunch numbers, I wanted to write off-the-wall things and such. And to an extent, I have done that. But I have usually resorted to recaps. Which are working alright for me. They just get old when I have to write another recap about the Mavericks winning by 15+ points every night. That's the extent of what Eddie Sefko wrote in his online chat last night, and I wholeheartedly agree. Except that guy gets paid.

So what happens is you get a team that has won 19 straight games at home and is hosting one of the more crappy teams in the league. So what you get at the end of the night is a team that has now won 20 straight games at home.

On an interesting note, something that seems to happen in all sports, is that when a player gets traded during a season, those two teams meet each other very shortly afterwards. That happened tonight with Anthony Johnson returning to Dallas, scoring 2 points in 24 minutes. We'll miss you, AJ!

Other Hawks players scoring were Joe Johnson, the new face of Atlanta, with 29. Pachulia, whoever that is, had 24 points.

For the Mavs, the trio busted it wide open. Nowitzki led the charge with 27 points and 8 rebounds. Howard had 20 points before he had to leave at the end of the game, due to an odd fall on top of Joe Johnson's foot that left his ankle sprained. Which JUST HAPPENED a couple games ago, with Jason Kapono and the Heat. What the flip? Jason Terry rounded out the cast, getting 21 points. I like when he gets involved. Perhaps the most impressive came from Jerry Stackhouse yet again, answering the call due to George & Buckner not playing and Howard not playing the fourth quarter. Stack had 26 minutes and used it to score 19 points and assisted on 9 other plays.

An easy win against a bad team. Fair enough.