January 23, 2007

That same dang line

In a post from Yahoo! Sports about Lane Kiffin, this paragraph was included.

"Once a proud franchise, the Raiders have become a laughingstock and an unpopular destination for many coaches because of Davis' involvement in the day-to-day operation of the team."
I'm sorry I have no documentation to back this up, but this EXACT SAME paragraph, word for word, was included in an article about a month ago before the coaching search began. Ridiculous.

Here's the article.

ALERT: Lane Kiffin is new Oakland Raiders Head Coach

I know nothing about this man. I know who Monte Kiffin is, that's for sure. I'm highly skeptical. Some people will point to the youth and say it's a good thing, but that's one of the biggest things that I'm skeptical about. 31 years old??!!?? Sheesh, man. I hope Al knows what he's doing, and I like Al Davis, but it's hard to like how he's handled things in the last few years. This surely seems like a stretch pick. I would have liked to see Rob Ryan as HC, that's no doubt. But it makes sense from the Raiders standpoint to leave him in charge of a defense that needs to be as good as they were. Oakland was focused on an offensive head coach the whole time, so Ryan was automatically not on level interviewing ground. We'll see how it goes. What a difference a year makes!! Art Shell, the history of the Raiders to some guy who just got done teething. Hey, it can't get much worse. I'm sure you'll hear that line a lot.