April 7, 2007

I'm back

What did I miss?

Raiders - Nothing.

Reds - Of course my computer goes down just as the MLB season gets underway. Reds currently stand at 4-1, taking 2/3 from the Cubs and the first 2 from the Pirates. The Cubs series was pretty good; Harang dominated, Arroyo was solid but just got outdeuled by Ted Lilly, Lohse did surprisingly well in the finale and the Reds did just enough to win their games. The freezing cold game yesterday against the Pirates went well. It looked like Belisle was going to be pretty shaky, but he settled down and turned in a great performance. The game today was also freezing cold, and the most back-and-forth the Reds have gone all season, but ultimately coming out on top. The big story this year is the bullpen, they have been simply dominant. I am particularly pleased with Victor Santos who has pitched out of 2 very tough situations so far. But everyone is playing really well, the only exception was Jared Burton, but hopefully he can figure things out. Apparently Milton pitches tomorrow. Happy Easter? We'll see, looks like we'll need the offense rolling on this one.

Mavericks - A bit cold as of late. Lost to Phoenix yet again, that sucked. Also lost to the Nuggets last night in probably their worst loss of the year. It was just painful to watch. What do they say, idiocy is when you try the same thing every time expecting a different result? Something like that. Well, that's what they did. They did beat the Kings in there somewhere, but they had their first losing road trip, 1-2. Hopefully they won't enter the playoffs looking lame, but they haven't looked great lately.

Devils - Well, I missed a ton. Brodeur goes out and beats Bernie Parent's single-season wins record. Parent had 47, Brodeur has 48 and maybe will end up with 49. Parent was extremely gracious about it, as was Brodeur. It was just a good all-around deal. Great for Brodeur! I am so pumped for the guy. As well as the Devils in general, as they locked up #2 in the East and also set the franchise record for wins in a season (49). Just a great year. Awesome stuff. And yet, maybe this is just me, it didn't feel like the Devils best year. This doesn't feel like 1995 or 2000 or 2003. Not just because the Devils ended up winning the Stanley Cup, but they don't seem as dominant. And yet, here they are, with the most wins of any Devils team, and the most wins by Brodeur in his career. So you'd think you could feel great about it. Don't get me wrong, I do feel very good about it. It's just that, something seems to be missing. They don't seem as dominant as many other Devils teams. Maybe I can be proved wrong. Maybe they will steamroll teams in the playoffs. That would be great. Looks like the first-round matchup will be with the Tampa Bay Lightning, though. That could be very, very dangerous. Hopefully things can be better against them than the results we have seen in the regular season. Let's hope.