April 1, 2007

Milton to DL, 24 players instead of 25

What is going on in Reds-land?

Plus, who called the Milton move? Hint = he's typing the answer right now. Done.

So that problem is taken care of. Milton is on the DL, whether he has an injury or not. He may be moved. In which case, I really did NOT call it when I said he would hang around this year. But I'd rather be wrong. Sorry, Milty.

In the top post, Rosey Crayons talks about the Reds carrying 24 of their 25 players, which doesn't make too much sense. They'll make a decision later or something like that. Santos hasn't been cut or moved, so it could be him. In fact, it probably is him. Which would be fine with me.

Reds release Hermanson

Any explanations for this?

Granted, he blew chunks his last time out, but that was YESTERDAY. He appeared to be just fine the rest of the spring. Nobody was going all crazy about bringing him in, but we thought we found a legitimate closer. I don't know what any of it means anymore.

Reds Roundtable Pt. 6

Participants include Tim Mo (that's me!), shawn weaver of Cincinnati Reds Blog, Blade of The Cutting Edge, daedalus of Church of Baseball, Clint of the 320 Pub, , and Chris of Redleg Nation.

On the Reds chances in the NL Central, as well as Conine vs. Rolen/Edmonds...

daedalus: so how many games are we gonna win this year?

daedalus: 87

Blade: So we need to find someone good

Chris @ RLN: 74

Blade: I say 75

sweaver: I agree with Blade. 75 wins.

320Pub_Clint: 72

Tim Mo: 79

sweaver: I think we were a little lucky last year, and will be a little unlucky this year. Next year will be better.

daedalus: 87 wins. y'all remember that so i can say i told you so. and i'm never this optimistic

Tim Mo: you are the beacon of optimism on this night

sweaver: That is my hope. Because 87 wins takes the Central, I betcha.

Blade: If they win 87 games....eh forget it

daedalus: and you can make fun of me if it's nowhere close

Tim Mo: i agree with shawn, we are in a good position to be pretty dang good next year

320Pub_Clint: i think this season will be similar to last season. i definitely don't see us in last place like SI does

Blade: I mean, if a lot of things go right, 87 isn't that out of the realm. Who thought they'd win 80 last year

daedalus: not i

Blade: I see the Reds in fourth, Pirates are still bad and the Astros are vulnerable

sweaver: Certainly not me, with 80 wins.

Blade: Nor I

daedalus: cardinals rotation - it's simply awful. i think they are a non factor this year

sweaver: I put the Reds fourth as well. Astros are toast, Pirates a bit better but still bad.

Chris @ RLN: I agree w/ Blade. My division pick (at least right now) is Milwaukee (followed by the Cubs, Cards, Reds, Bucs, and Ausmuses).

sweaver: Cards/Cubs/Brewers/Reds/Astros/Pirates

Tim Mo: i doubt the cards are a non-factor

sweaver: But the Brewers are the only team in the division with a good shot at 90 wins.

Tim Mo: the brewers are in the middle of the pack and are the only team with a shot at 90?

daedalus: why? you can't win with one good player and a bunch of aging veterans. why is it that people criticize the acquistion of conine yet think that having rolen and edmonds on a team is a good thing?

sweaver: I think the Brewers are a .500 team, but with breakout potential.

Chris @ RLN: Because Rolen can freakin hit.

Chris @ RLN: And field.

sweaver: Conine isn't a HOFer. I think Rolen and Edmonds are.

320Pub_Clint: I think the Cards win the division with the Cubs in a very close 2nd. I always think the Brewers will do better than they end up doing so I will be a homer and pick Cincy 3rd, MIL 4 HOU 5 and PIT 6

Chris @ RLN: And is only 32.

Chris @ RLN: and had an 887 OPS

320Pub_Clint: yeah Rolen and Conine isn't a very good comparison

Tim Mo: believe it or not, there is such a thing as a good veteran player and a bad one

daedalus: conine isn't exactly an automatic out. he could, of course, be better, but he's not that bad. and rolen and edmonds HOFs? really? you think? rolen is only 32? you're kidding. i thought he was like 37

sweaver: Yes, I think Rolen and Edmonds are deserving of the HOF.

320Pub_Clint: I don't mind having Conine on the team as long as Jerry can fight the urge to play him every day

Blade: I'd take Rolen

Tim Mo: rolen for sure, jury is out on edmonds

Tim Mo: sorry clint, i mind having conine on the team

sweaver: Edmonds may be toast now, but he has been a great player

Chris @ RLN: The good news is that Edmonds' back isn't getting better; Eckstein still can't hit, and they have no pitchers beyond Carpenter and maybe Reyes. Rolen's definitely on the way to Cooperstown, though he might be the Barry Larkin to Wright, Cabrera, Zimmerman, and Gordon's ARod/Jeter/Nomar.

sweaver: Too true, Chris

320Pub_Clint: tim, so I assume you would like Votto up this season?

sweaver: I think Votto will be at 1B by Sept. 1

Chris @ RLN: Conine: .325 OBP last year.

daedalus: votto comes up in july after hatteberg and conine suffer little injuries

Blade: I like Votto too. Hatteberg is decent, but Votto is the future

daedalus: never goes down again

sweaver: Conine has been remarkably durable during his career.

Chris @ RLN: I don't need Votto right now - let him hit AAA. But there are always 1b floating around. Dmitri Young's starting for DC, no?

Tim Mo: yes sir

320Pub_Clint: i will go in the middle of shawn and daedalus and say Votto comes up sometime in august

Tim Mo: and votto will be up there eventually

daedalus: next year is gonna be great, isn't it? bailey and votto and no more milton.

Chris @ RLN: How about Roberto Petagine, for you long-term fans.

Tim Mo: i can MAYBE handle conine at first base, but if he gets in the outfield...

320Pub_Clint: yeah I agree with that Tim

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Blue Jays 1, Reds 0 -- Marlins 6, Reds 2

That's it. We're done. Lost them both, but no more of this.


Pitching: My Man Bobby started and got 3 innings in. It's weird, on Yahoo! Sports right now, it says UNKNOWN for the pitcher. I mean, come on. That was Bobby, folks! Anyway, he did well, allowing 2 hits (one of which was a leadoff double) and a walk, K'ing 2, and leaving with a 0 on the scoreboard. Well done, Bobby. We'll see you up here sooner rather than later, maybe even sooner than we all imagined as it appears Eric Milton has some back problems - he was pulled out of his final spring start. I am never inclined to cheer for a man's injury, so I won't do so here. However, this could significantly affect the Reds pitching for the better. I just hope, if we are to stick with Milton, that he is given every chance to be as good as he can be. I don't want him at anything less than 100%. Anyway, back to the game. After My Man Bobby, it was Tom Shearn pitching the next 4 innings, giving up 3 hits and K'ing 5, but picking up the hard luck loss. Kershner pitched the 9th, giving up a hit.

Hitting: T. Godwin led off and was 1/3. Some guy named Piepkorn got a pinch-hit double. Bellhorn was 0/3 with 2 K's. Joey Votto was 2/3. Jay Bruce was 0/4 with 2 K's.

Fielding & such: No errors, no doubt because Gonzo was out of the lineup. Two double plays were turned, one by Snyder & Bellhorn on a sweet lineout, the other by Herr-Machado-Votto. Votto also got caught stealing.


Pitching: Lohse started and went 4 innings. Gave up 2 hits, a solo homer and a triple, K'ed 3 and ended up with 2 earned runs to his name. Dustin Hermanson followed and blew chunks. He blew the dang chunks off the place. Not really what I was wanting to see heading into the season. Yikes. This guy better figure it out. He got 1 out in the fifth, but only after giving up 3 straight doubles, followed by a single, followed by a walk. After a groundout, he was out of there with 4 earned runs to his credit, one of which was allowed by Todd Coffey who got the final 2 outs of the 5th, allowing another hit. After that, it got much better for the Reds. Everyone's favorite, Johnny Coutlangus, pitched another scoreless inning, though allowing 2 hits. Victor Santos pitched the next 2 innings, giving up a hit per inning and K'ing 1. The guy finished the spring with a 0.00 ERA and worked some very impressive innings. Some guy named Webb closed it out with a clean 9th.

Hitting: Freel led off and was 0/2. EdE was 1/2 with a double. He was knocked in by a Gonzo single. Dewayne Wise was 1/2 and scored on a Josh Hamilton single. Hamilton also added a double, going 2/3 on his final exhibition day.

Fielding & such: 3 double plays turned on this day, with Valentin in the middle of all of them, as the first baseman though, not as catcher. Francisco to Turner to Valentin happened twice, and then later it was Turner-Castro-Valentin.