January 29, 2007

Greg Knapp comes to work for the Oakland Raiders

Knapp Joins Raiders Coaching Staff as Offensive Coordinator

To be honest, I'm more excited about this move than I am with the head coach move. And I guess the single most obvious (and rational) answer is that Greg Knapp is proven. He gets things done. Sources said he wasn't coming, rumors said he was coming. You just never know. I don't think they settled with Knapp, I think they got their man this time around. At least, I hope that's the case. He should be a bright mind and I hope he is given a great deal of freedom. No offense to Lane Kiffin, but having Greg Knapp is more exciting, at least initially, right now. GO RAIDERS.

Al Davis = Fidel Castro?

An interesting comparison to say the least. Or the most. The following is a link to Hall of Fame Magazine where Lesley Visser takes on the one and only Al Davis. The article is a pretty balanced look at Al Davis, with most of the compliments coming about the past. We could definitely use compliments about the current situation, but those seem few and far between. Go and read if you want some history as to what the Raiders used to be.