February 22, 2007


This is Dirk Nowitzki's favorite word. Pay attention when he talks or when you read his quotes. Useless information, but I had to share it with someone. The Internet.

Porter ready for new start in Oakland

Or so they say.

Jerry Porter, formerly Wide Receiver #84 -- Oakland Raiders, is now Jerry Porter, Wide Receiver #81 -- Oakland Raiders.

The number switch symbolized a mental switch. He is now "ready to get onboard" and has "talked many times with Coach Kiffin" and is "excited" about where the team is headed.

Although I may seem to be making light of the situation, I'm for it. We need at least one of our big guns riding with us, and it appears Moss is not that kind of guy. I'm not a huge Porter fan, but he can get it done. He arrived to camp in such great shape last year and was never utilized. Whether that was deserving or not is a question for another day.

Speaking of Moss, I know everyone hates him and is pissed off at the guy, but are any of you sad? I know I am. Having the MINNESOTA CONNECTION, watching Moss shine like a freak stud year after year up nort' in Minnesota, I was so freakin' excited when he was traded to my favorite team. And he has done some cool things in Oakland, but not really. I had a feeling his production would drop, I didn't know the guy would become nonexistent. Sadly, the Moss experiment has failed and it's time to cut ties.