March 23, 2007

Reds 8, Yankees 7

Now we can talk about meaningless. Considering the "real game" was Yankees 6, Reds 3. Then we throw in the junk, and the Reds win. But at least we see what we are made of.


Pitching: Nothing to get excited about here. Lohse started and should have gotten the loss, but didn't. He pitched 5 innings, gave up 7 hits including 2 homers, walked 2 and gave up 5 earned runs. He did strike out 6, which was pretty cool. Throw in a wild pitch, and there's his outing. You can tell he's got stuff there. Just needs to put it all together. Weathers pitched the 6th, gave up a walk and a hit but struck out 2. Hermanson looked human, giving up a homer and throwing a wild pitch. He also struck out 1. Victor Santos pitched the final 2 innings, getting the win. He gave up a walk and a hit.

Hitting: Enrique Cruz was the story here. He took over in the 7th inning and was 2/2. He had a 2-RBI triple in the 7th and then scored the winning run on EdE's hit after he doubled in the 9th. Freel led off and was 2/4. Dewayne Wise's RBI double tied the game late in the 8th. Hamilton was 1/4 with a walk and a strikeout. Phillips was 2/3 with a walk and 2 runs scored. Ross was 2/4. Lohse hit one himself, a 2-RBI single. It's a funny story as Janish hit a long ball but was held to a single. Why? From the Reds own site: "Janish was held up by runners Javier Valentin and David Ross on the basepaths." Haha! There it is in the official report, talking about the chunky guys who can't run! Funny stuff. Then Lohse comes in and scores the runners Janish would have scored if they could move. Awesome. Denorfia was 1/2 with a strikeout.

Fielding & such: Janish & Lohse had errors on throws. Freel & EdE grounded into double plays for Pavano, with both going Jeter-Cano-Giambi. Denorfia stole his second base and it turned into a wise move as he ended up scoring.

Griffey to RF -- Who cares?

Yeah, you heard me.

I don't get it. Here's where I am coming from. Ken Griffey Jr., the perennial center field for the Reds, has been officially "moved" to right field. Why? Because he was unable to get going in spring training. He may start the season on the disabled list, and when he is able to play, will play in right field. At the beginning of the year.

Check me on this: the move to right field for Griffey is NOT PERMANENT. This is not worthy of the outrageous media coverage on this, I agree with Ken Jr. on this issue. If it was said that this is it, he is over and done and now must be content with playing right field the rest of his career, that would be an issue. We will see him in center field. This year, even. Get back to me on this.

Lightning 3, Devils 1

Three losses in a row. 4 out of 5. 4 out of 7 in the month.

Not much you can do. Injuries are there, but you have to be able to rise above the injuries. Broduer hasn't been the same for quite some time. Thankfully the Penguins have stalled a couple times, but it almost seems inevitable that the Devils lose the Atlantic now.

This team knows how to beat the Devils, making a secound-round matchup (if the Devils remain #2) something nobody wants to see. But let's be honest, do we want to see this team in the playoffs against anybody right now? No.

Martin St. Louis took it to the Devils hard last night, scoring twice in the third period to gain the lead and extend the lead.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Minnesota Wild overtook the Devils in point standings, but it happened last night with the Wild moving from 93 to 95 and the Devils staying at 94. March has not been kind to the Devils, that's for sure.

Let's be honest, I have been so busy that it's a good thing the Devils have been losing ONLY in the sense that I don't do recaps as thorough as if they won the game. But I really have nothing much to add, I am scared for this team right now.

Raiders sign Johnson, Ward did I miss this?

Don't pay attention to the story, but to the last line. Why? Because who cares about Josh Booty?

Both are defensive backs, Johnson being the cornerback and Ward being the safety. I dig Baltimore's secondary, so Ward is cool with me. Neither one stand out much, that's why there was no buzz about this. We'll see if they have any impact or what they're exactly doing here.

Mock Draft

Yahoo! Sports does Mock 4 and comes up with the same result - JaMarcus Russell:

They could completely pass on quarterback and either select wide receiver Calvin Johnson or deal down several choices. They will narrow down the options to three or four by April 1 and then spend the final three weeks concentrating on those prospects.
Doesn't seem very convincing with Russell, but gotta keep your options open, I guess.