January 15, 2007

Chargers bite the dust

Haha. YES!!!!!!!!

And then what happens at the end of the game but LT freaking out. I thought he was acting like a whiny little punk, not wanting to talk to anybody, but it turns out that he was pissed the Patriots disrespected his field. I guess I can see that. But still. Win a freakin' playoff game!! Haha, I'm so happy. It's all I have as a Raiders fan, you have to understand. So eat it, Chargers fans. Eat it, taste it, and flavor it. Don't sample it, eat the whole dang thing.

Here's the money quote: "Anytime you're in the playoffs and lose, and certainly I have plenty of experience at it, there's a disappointment," Schottenheimer said.

Reds keep Ross, Wilson

The Reds agreed to a 2-year, $4.5 million deal with catcher David Ross. That's not bad money. I just doubt he can replicate his stats from last year. But he was definitely a decent guy. I hope he can still swing his bat and help out Arroyo and others. In other news that is not great, the Reds gave Paul Wilson a minor-leage contract. Never a big fan of Wilson, but there's no doubting that he's a quality man. I just don't like him pitching and that's a large part of what he does. Maybe it won't amount to anything, we'll see.

Justice for Brodeur

Brodeur back for ninth All-Star game

You're dang right. As well he should be. He won't be starting, Ryan Miller will do that, but he will be there. And he might just win the game. I'm proud of him and his amazing year, and he deserves to be there. Great job, Marty!

Also representing the Devils is defenseman Brian Rafalski. Go get 'em, Ralf!

Injustice towards Brodeur

Yahoo! Sports has their "fantasy hockey" standouts or whatever on their main page at all times. And I was going to check it because Broduer is in there all the time dominating, and he has dominated recently, doing pretty dang well. Well, I found Broduer. In the "NOT' section under who is hot and who is not!!! What a joke! But here it is in all of its proof. Please direct your anger mail to anybody but me.

Devils 2, Thrashers 1 | Devils 2, Islanders 1 (Overtime)

Well, I am back from Indiana and what do I see? Pretty much the same as the previous post, one of my good teams winning two straight games in nail-biting fashion. The first didn't go to overtime, but could have. The second one wasn't supposed to go into overtime, but it did. And the Devils walk away with 4 points out of a possible 4. I hate giving any points to divisional foes, but 1 point isn't so bad I suppose. But what did I tell you? It's that dang last-second trickery again. Brodeur (or the team) is having troubles with the late minutes/seconds of the third period. They need to work on that IMMEDIATELY. But hey, they have been doing dang good. Tomorrow night is the HATED Rangers. Come on, NJD!! Don't let me down! You haven't yet. Except once, maybe.

Mavericks, 115, Pacers 113 (Overtime) | Mavericks 97, Raptors 96

Well, I've been away a few days. And what do the Mavericks do? Pull off two incredibly narrow wins, complete with crazy nail-biting finishes. When it's all said and done, Dallas stands at an amazing 31-8, four games out in front of the Spurs for the division lead. Nowitzki carries the lead with huge games in points, and Josh Howard scores the game-winner against the Toronto Raptors. Good enough for me.