January 4, 2007

Mavericks 100, Pacers 91

Al Harrington and Jermain O'Neal had 44 points and 27 rebounds between them, but it wasn't enough to knock off the Mavs, especially on the road. Not when you have Josh Howard throwing in 25 and 11, Nowitzki dropping 20, and Devin Harris with his season-high 24 points. The Mavs shot pretty well, and I particularly like the fact they only took 8 three's all night. Lately they had been jacking them up there. They got KILLED on the boards tonight, largely due to the aforementioned Pacers Harrington & O'Neal, but they did what they usually do and they found a way to win.

Josh Howard for MVP? He certainly has been a stud this year. But what about the little man, Devin Harris, tonight? More of that, good sir!

Devils 4, Islanders 3

Goals: Zach Parise, Devils (Zajac)
Sergei Brylin, Devils (Pandolfo)
Trent Hunter, Islanders (Hill, Hilbert)
Zach Parise, Devils (Langenbrunner, Zajac)

Patrik Elias, Devils (Gionta)
Andy Hilbert, Islanders (Sillinger, Hunter)

Mike Sillinger, Islanders (PPG) (Blake, Satan)

Shots on Goal: 43-26 Islanders

Penalties: Devils - 6 minutes, Islanders - 8 minutes

Good game tonight. Fun. Defensive lapses aren't great, but hey, a win is a win, particularly within the division.


Well, that was exciting. Three goals in three minutes, a complete 180 from the previous meeting between these two teams, and unlike a typical start of pretty much any Devils game. But there you have it, that's hockey sometimes. Zajac's name was being called time and time again, and he wound up with two goals. A lot of chances, a lot of early action, and the Devils defense settled down even though they were without the services of Johnny Oduya for most of the period and probably the rest of the game. The Devils open up the second period with a 5-on-3 for a little bit and then another minute of a regular power play. We'll see how it goes.


The teams exchange goals as the Islanders pick up the pace. They easily have more shots on goal, but it seems the Devils truly have more scoring opportunities and better shots instead of long shots from the point. Brodeur is playing solid hockey, it doesn't seem either of the goals were his fault. We expect a shutout every time from this guy because we know he can deliver it, but he's still doing alright anyhow. Not a whole lot of penalties on the Devils side, and they are playing very smartly in that regard. They are good on the power play (in terms of percentage) and they are good on the penalty kill, but I don't think enough is made of how many penalties they take vs. those they create. They must be in the Top 5 in that category. Well, I expect the Islanders to pick up the pace but I doubt they will put that close. The Devils have this one in hand. We shall see.


Whew, that's it. The Islanders racked up the shots, and this time there were a lot of good chances. Marty was superb in this period, except for the late goal he allowed on the 6-on-4. Otherwise, good job by all. I know the Devils don't like giving up 3 goals and 40+ shots, but they did allow it and they managed to win despite it. And the best part of all? The Islanders didn't get any points.

Devils Preview

Instead of being monotonous and linking to it every time, if you want a good game preview of EVERY Devils hockey game (and one that is, let's be honest, better than what the top media websites put out there) check out what John F. has to say. The link tonight is for the Islanders @ Devils. Well done.


Article: Seriously, Oakland, pass on Quinn

Connor Byrne over at RealFootball365 agrees with me.



Well, there was no doubt about this one. As much as I can't stand the Chargers, Tomlinson deserved this. He was simply amazing this year, and even if I can't be truly happy for him since he's in my division, his play is good for this league. I'll trade the entire Raider offense for this guy. And half my draft picks.