March 3, 2007

Maple Leafs 4, Devils 3 (Shootout)

Blah blah, there was a game, blah blah CAM JANSSEN IS T3H 3VIL MAN!!!!

Not that I'm arguing for Cam's behalf. I didn't see the hit, nobody liked the hit, and I can't condone a late hit on a guy who is completely unaware that it's coming. Cam got his 3 game suspension and thousands-buck fine. It works out. Everyone is flipping out about it, because it was bad I'm sure. I can't help but think some of it is due to anti-Devils bias, though. It seems a little too thick, a little too vibrant and passionate and maybe overdone. I don't think the Devils needed any more ammunition, Mr. Janssen. Thanks anyway.

As far as the actual game goes, it was pretty interesting. People told me to beware the Maple Leafs, but I said to them, "Maple Leafs?" I mean, you're talking about the least intimidating mascot of all-time, right? And they punched me. Hard.

They scored 3 goals. And then 3 goals in the shootout. To have them get 4 goals overall. That makes sense, right? Maybe, maybe not. The Devils also got 3 goals. And 2 goals in the shootout. To end up with 3 goals.

Brodeur was doing fine with shootouts until this game. He let in every goal. Every stinkin' one. The Devils had this game, then allowed a collapse and gave away 2 points. At least they hung on to get 1 of them back. The Devils have to play well. It's crunch time. The Penguins are not going away, Tampa Bay is crazy right now, Buffalo keeps winning. The East is going wild, and so is the West, which makes things pretty flippin' exciting.

Get back to winning, fellas.

P.S. How was Marty the second star of the game?

Reds gone CRAZY

What has happened since I stopped paying attention to meaningless spring training baseball games? I've missed THE CRAZINESS, that's what. The Reds swept the Twins in their weekend series with scores of 5-2 and 14-1.

That's FOURTEEN. Runs, not hits. Hits were 25, get real.

First up was Reds 5, Twins 2.

Notable things - Pitching: Lohse sucked it up, and hit Torii Hunter in the head. Didn't last an inning. Brian Meadows cleaned up his junk, finishing the first and pitching the second, only allowing a run. Stanton was fine, Bray was fine, Belisle was a little rusty but got the win, The Lizard was nice, and Kershner walked one but got the save.

Notable things - Hitting: Hopper was not a good leadoff, going 0-for-3. Bubba Crosby had a 2-RBI hit, so maybe he makes the team after all. Votto (single, double) and Encarnacion (single, homer) were the stars of the night, and Moeller, yes, Chad Moeller had an RBI!

Notable things - Fielding & Such: Freel has a competitor in Bellhorn for caught stealing. They both have 1 as it stands. Machado made the error for the Reds.

Second up was Reds 14, Twins 1.

Notable things - Pitching: Starters were winners and losers tonight as Harang got the win and Bonser got the loss. Harang was alright, striking out two in 2, and allowing 5 hits and an earned run. Bonser gave up 3, including a 2-run homer to Hatteberg. Bobby Livingston followed and pitched the same 2 innings (well, they were different) and struck out the same numbe of 2 guys, but allowed only one hit. So he is the new #1 starter, ladies & gents! Victor Santos followed, doing almost the same thing, but striking out one fewer. Ligtenberg went the next two and struck out one, and Shackelford was on for the save (hey, the Reds could give up 12-13 runs in the ninth) and walked one and got the heck outta there.

Notable things - Hitting: Where to begin? Probably with Josh Hamilton, the kid that will probably make the team. And rightfully so, thankfully as he went 3-for-4 today (2 dubs) with a run scored. No ribbies, though. Freel, the true leadoff man, went 2/3 and scored. Hatteberg homered and went 2/2. Crosby was 2/3, Phillips the same (with a homer) and Paul Janish was 3/3 with 2 RBI's. The Reds stranded SEVENTEEN baserunners. Holy wow.

Notable things - Fielding & such: Error on Joey Votto tonight. Not the prospect you thought he'd be? He'll be riding the doghouse for weeks now. Right? I mean, because Narron hates fielding errors, right? And he's done everything in his power to correct them, yeah? Come on.

GO REDS (even in meaningless games)

Raiders in free agency

HUGE goings-on today, primarily just because Tampa Bay is emulating Oakland (which I've said before) but doubling up on them as they acquired TWO of the top veteran QB's in landing Jeff Garcia and trading for Jake Plummer. The deal with Plummer is that he may retire. If not, the Bucs have Plummer, Garcia, and Simms. Ridiculous. I mean, that's all it is.

The Raiders did not do much except cut Tyrone Poole and restructure the contract of Barry Sims. The Sims thing had to be done, and I'm glad it was. I'm glad he was man enough to get it done, he must see some light at the end of the tunnel. Poole was a true vet, but didn't do a whole lot for us. That's how it goes in this business. Langston Walker was lost to free agency today, and not too many people cried about it. Just because of the porous offensive line last year, though I think Walker could be (and has been) good at times. We'll miss his blocked kicks, that's for sure.