January 8, 2007

Lakers 101, Mavericks 98

Yeah well, every 13-game win streak needs to be broken at some point. Maybe by the 13th game. That seems to make sense. The Mavericks simply CANNOT figure out the Lakers on the road. It just can't be done. And it wasn't really Kobe's doing this time, though he came alive in the fourth quarter. The Mavs played far better than they usually do, and if Smush Parker doesn't stuff Jason Terry on a layup, maybe the recap has a different story to tell. But he did stuff him, and Devean George did miss a 3-pointer at the end of the game (how fitting, ex-Laker). Tough game, but the Mavs are still hot. Nowitzki's 29 and 13 led the way for the Mavs, as he has been dominating play recently. That's fine with me, good to see him not sit around, content with Josh Howard running the show. Howard did add another 20 points, however. The shooting just wasn't close, the Lakers got 55% and the Mavs got 42%. The defense was just not there, which is usually the case in Los Angeles. Oh well. Up next - the Jazz in Utah. Another tough one. We'll see.

Raiders coach

Here's the short list thus far:

Rob Ryan (Defensive Coordinator - Oakland Raiders)
John Shoop (Offensive Coordinator - Oakland Raiders) (even though this article says otherwise)
Steve Sarkisian (Asst Head Coach, QB Coach - USC) (Former Oakland Raiders QB Coach)
Tom Coughlin (Could-be Former Head Coach - NY Giants)

As will no doubt be the case, I stand behind the decision to pick Rob Ryan. And JaMarcus Russell with the #1 pick, unless we trade down due to a sweet deal. Just NOT a longsnapper, please.