January 17, 2007

The glory of 2-14

The Raiders official website, bless their hearts, tries to focus on the positive aspects of the forever-lost 2006 season. And of course, there was the defense. Which reminds me of the post that's eventually coming that brings up an issue no one wants to focus on. Anyway, the current one for today is the second-longest INT return in Raiders history - Chris Carr (from BOISE STATE) going 100 yards against Rothleisberger. Which was a great interception. And a great touchdown. And a fun game.

But that brings me to something I said to my mom over holiday break. Christmas break. I said to her, you know, the Raiders EASILY could have been 0-16 this year. If not for the goal line stand against the Steelers, they would have lost that game. If not for some timely plays against the Cardinals as well as having them go on the road after a short week on MNF and after they blew one of the largest fourth quarter leads ever, they could have lost that game. But they didn't. They won two. Whoop de doo. At least the Lions won three.

Reds notes

The Reds are toying with the idea of giving closer Eddie Guardado a minor-league contract so he can rehab with the team and not count against the 40-man roster. Seems like a good idea to me, particularly if the rehab proves effective and if the season is at a point where it still matters for the Reds. I've always been a fan of Gordo and enjoy having him around, even if he did make me nervous every time he went out there and pitched. Sure, he loaded the bases, but he found a way to get 3 outs.

Also, the Reds agreed to a one-year deal with Kyle Lohse. It's worth $4.2 million. That's a bit high, but in this day and age, it's really probably not. Lohse has had killer stuff in the past and then he tanked fast. He sorta turned it around in parts last year, providing some decent innings as pitchers do when they change surroundings (and leagues). There's no doubt he could be a decent pitcher this year, I just feel pessimistic about it.

So far, two MINNESOTA CONNECTIONS to the Twins.

Are you still Harang'in around? Good! Because hopefully so is Aaron, as he is trying to avoid arbitration by getting a good deal from the Reds. Apparently he asked for $5.5 million and was offered $4.25. Some say they are looking for a long-term deal, which would be good. But if not, I'm surprised the Reds wouldn't jump at the chance to sign Harang for that figure. Sure, it's smart money to negotiate, but Harange is no doubt the #1 pitcher on the team and will continue to do so, as Arroyo will no doubt have a down year. $5.5 million isn't really a whole lot to ask for, and it's somewhat disappointing to see the Reds counter with their figure. I'm sure we'll get a happy ending.

New Mavs Website

Check it out. Permanent link to the right side as well.