March 14, 2007

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Dirk Nowitzki "Obviously" Watch

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"Obviously not," Nowitzki said. "When we first started off, we were struggling, and nobody really knew if we were going to make it in this league. It's been a great ride, obviously. We both went our ways and kind of improved together, worked on our games together and nobody could really see how far we could take this."
Make that a TRIPLE dose!

"Obviously, everybody saw we were kind of talented and we could make our ways in this league," Nowitzki said.

Reds 6, Yankees 3

Beat the Bronx Bombers twice times this year already. Neither count, but it was fun while it lasted.


Pitching: While not as impressive as Bobby Livingston (and who is, when you get down to it?), Harang pitched a pretty solid game. He picked up the win and almost went five innings, allowing 7 or 8 hits (box scores disagree) and 2 earned runs. No walks and 2 K's. Stanton, Cormier, and Coffey followed with scoreless innings, though Coffey allowed 3 hits in one inning. Not sure how none of those scored, but it seemed to work out pretty well for him as he keeps his masterful 0.00 ERA. Meadows pitched the ninth, giving up a homer and striking out 1.

Hitting: Phillips led off the game with a homer, and finished with no more hits. Otherwise, guess who was the offensive story? Yeah, it's Hamilton again. 2/2 with 2 RBI's including a sac fly, along with a walk. The guy is seriously on fire. Denorfia got a hit in his only at-bat, knocking in a run and scoring himself. David Ross, who has had serious problems, had his worst game going 0/3 with 3 strikeouts. Yuck. This guy needs to turn things around. We already knew we were going to see him perform not as well as last year, but he can't be disastrous. We can't afford that, not with Javy underperforming and the black hole that is Moeller. C'mon, Ross. Get that bat going.

Fielding & such: No errors. Gil & Wise stole some bases. Phillips & Gonzalez picked up another double play, and so did the usual trio of Janish-Gil-Votto. Good stuff.