January 6, 2007

Devils 3, Senators 2

First Period: Zach Parise, Devils (Zajac, Langenbrunner)
Patrick Eaves, Senators (Schubert, McAmmond)
Second Period: Brian Gionta, Devils (Hale, Gomez)
Third Period: Brian Gionta, Devils (Gomez, Elias)
Tom Preissing, Senators (Kelly, Redden)

Shots on Goal: 35-29 Senators

Penalties: Devils - 6 minutes, Senators - 6 minutes

For some reason, this game seems really important to me. It wasn't a must-win game, it was a game that tells me the Devils are for real. It was a huge road win against a team in the Ottawa Senators that is a tough to beat and has been for years, particularly to New Jersey. Brodeur was incredible in net, as he has been all year. Is anybody else having flashbacks to the late 90's when it was a race between Hasek & Brodeur to the Vezina trophy? The only thing is - Marty has stayed on the map, whereas Hasek has simply returned. Brodeur is the most consistent goalie in the league, there's no two ways about it. Parise yet again got the scoring going as the best line of the team each got a point on his goal, his team-leading 17th of the season. Well, it was the team lead until Gionta got two goals to tie him at 17, but he had it for a little under two periods. Gionta got some nice tips today, and it's about time. The little sniper plays the role pretty well, but hasn't put himself in the best of positions. He broke out today, getting two tip-in tries, and also robbing David Hale of his first NHL goal. The penalties were pretty even, the flow of the game was pretty even. It was a good game and another solid win by the Devils, who keep the points tally going strong. Here is my one concern: late goals. This is an issue. Not a big one, because it seems the three or so recent times that it's happened, the Devils have pulled it out anyway, but someday there will be a one-goal lead or there will be a tie game and the other team is going to feel confident thinking they can put the puck in the net late. It's been happening a lot. No doubt some of that is attributed to the lack of defensemen, but it may be something else. Better look at that. Besides that, great game NJD!!

NFL Playoff Predictions

Well, my predictions aren't off to a great start, but here we go nonetheless. Smart money goes to picking the OPPOSITE team of whatever matchup I pick.

Chefs @ Colts

--No, I did not make a typo. The Cheifs are the Chefs because of the funny Snickers commercial and the fact that I hate their little McDonald's uniforms and their little field and just pretty much because they are in my division and that sucks. They go to Indy. I pick Indy EVERY YEAR to go to the Super Bowl, but they always find amazing ways in which to defy me. This year will be no different, but I expect them to get out of the first round, even if they are facing Larry Johnson. Go with the COLTS here.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

--Qwest Field is quite a stadium. It's apparently loud. And the Cowboys apparently sucked a lot against the Lions (thanks Detroit, by the way) and so the obvious pick here is Seattle, who I like a lot better anyway than the stupid Cowboys. But my pick is with DALLAS. because Seattle is soft. This means that Seattle will win by at least 25 points.

Article: Nuxhall: Bailey good fit for Reds' rotation

Despite what Cincinnati Reds manager Jerry Narron or most baseball experts say, Joe Nuxhall predicted Thursday night the Reds' starting rotation could well include Homer Bailey at the start of the 2007 season.

Nuxhall was master of ceremonies at the 28th annual Knights of Columbus Sports Stag, held at the Father Butler Council in Hamilton.

"I'm saying right now, I think he's going to be in the starting rotation," Nuxhall said of the 20-year-old Bailey, the Reds' most promising prospect who was almost untouchable at Class AA Chattanooga last season.

Hey, I'm as high on Homer Bailey as any other Reds fan who knows the only way that the Reds get top pitching prospects is to grow them ourselves (or trade Wily Mo). And this guy looks legit. But come on, this better not be true. Rule #1 of life (or at least baseball) is to not waste a young arm and to not mess up a young kid's mind and whatever else about a young kid and his young arm. The Reds definitely need to sit on this kid and wait it out. I'm nervous.


Uh.................so what's the deal with the Devils second line being better than their first line? Time to switch? Probably not, since the first line has all the star power. And they're pretty good. But the young 2nd line (made older by Langenbrunner) has been far superior throughout most of the year. Zajac & Parise are a great combination and Langenbrunner cleans up whatever is left. They're obviously the best line of the year thus far.

Mavericks 90, Spurs 85

What a game. And I missed it! I was on the road for nearly TWELVE HOURS my friends, of what should have been an 8.5-hour trip. I do not want to get into details, so let's get into the game that I missed.

First of all - the Mavericks must beat the Spurs. They MUST. I gave them maybe 2% chance last year to do so, but they won Game 7 in San Antonio which was probably my favorite basketball game of all-time. Anyway, the Spurs are the biggest rival and I don't like the Spurs at all. Though the Suns scare me more.

So there you have it. Just like that, the Mavs have a 2-1 edge on the season series and no doubt it will probably get tied up on April 15, but that's what the taxes say. The Mavs can win in San Antonio now, they win at will. And last night was another example of a tough game. A good game. And a whiny Tim Duncan. The guy's a joke.

Nowitzki led the way with a season-high 36 points and he also contributed 8 rebounds. He didn't really get bailed out until the late stages of the second half, but Josh Howard turned it on to give 18 points and 12 boards. The man is rounding into a solid player. It is fun to see. Other than that, not much to get excited about. Devean George still can't hit his 3's. The Spurs outshot the Mavericks at the free-throw line, 31-20. I always watch that stat, and encourage you to do so because for some reason, that stat will always be there. Whether it's the refs or what, I don't know, but the Spurs always get favorable treatment. I hate to rant about the refs, I guess I've just learned it well being a Raiders fan and all. But anyway, it doesn't matter much because the Spurs suck at free throws and only made 21 of their 31.

The Mavs are now 27-7. It is an INCREDIBLE record at this stage in the season, considering they started out 0-4, they are 27-3 since then. They have gone on some serious streaks, a 12-game win streak early in the year and currently a 13-game win streak that might simply grow and grow. They play the Lakers in Los Angeles next, and I'm always skeptical of that game. The Lakers seem to have their number, but the Mavs are just streamrolling right now. Hard to pick against them. I love it!

Article: Raiders fire coach Art Shell

A.K.A. "n00b t4ken 2 pWn shop"

I apologize for the l33tspeak. And I also apologize for what is about to follow it, a mock conversation between yours truly and Al Davis.

Mr. Davis: "Hey, Tim Mo, how much do you know about the Raiders?"

Tim Mo: "A lot!"

(Mr. Davis smacks Tim Mo across the face. A loud >SMACK< style="font-style: italic; color: rgb(192, 192, 192);">Mr. Davis: "Tim Mo, how much do you know about the Raiders?"

Tim Mo (sniffling, sobbing): "Not very much, Mr. Davis. Not very much."

What the l33tspeak and the mock dialogue have to do with anything, I'm not sure. But they probably have something to do with the fact that Art Shell got fired and then there's this post
saying it wouldn't happen. To those who have read the post (those unfortunate souls) you would have seen a brand-new Raiders blogger and a relatively new Raiders fan get all caught up in his ego and proud of his boasting, knowing what the REAL story would be. Surely Shell wouldn't get fired, he has AT LEAST another year left. Well, fuggedaboudit. This guy don't know nothing. Time for the speculation, as if we need more of that.

And check out the last mini-paragraph of this article: "Once a proud franchise, the Raiders have become a laughingstock and an unpopular destination for many coaches because of Davis' involvement in the day-to-day operation of the team and the club's inability to discipline players." Wow. Like to EDITORIALIZE much?????