June 8, 2007

Homer Bailey > God? THIRD INNING

He's already thrown 48 pitches.

2 balls again. At least it's Sizemore this time. Haha and again!!! Sizemore with the 2nd K after there were no more balls to be given. Thanks buddy.

2 balls again. Casey Blake with the groundout. I'm surprised Cleveland is being so aggressive with their swings after the initial 2 balls. I'd sit around and wait for the other 2. But Bailey is getting bailed out a little bit.

Now back to the guys with the hits. Again with 2 outs. We'll see what happens this time around.

Hafner looks at a first-pitch strike. There's something new. Good tactic. Hafner with the groundout to Gonzo. Looking good.

1 inning, 1 K, 0 runs
3 innings, 2 K, 1 BB, 2 hits, 1 run

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