May 29, 2007

Ryan Freel brings me back

Well, if there isn't some good news out of the whole Ryan Freel Tries to Kill Himself thing, it's that Tim Mo is back to blog a little bit. I don't know why, but seeing the story/video of Freel's suicidal dive for the ball all over news outlets (including the almighty Drudge Report) just sort of made me want to blog again.

Not that it really matters. It doesn't. I'll be doing things quite differently this time around. I got caught up in the game too much. Trying to blog a substantial amount for 4 different sports teams is very difficult, that's why you don't see it too much. But it killed me. At the same time, school was getting crazy and I just had to quit whenever it was, at the end of April or so, because I couldn't do it. In coming back, I am blogging more for myself and doing what I want to do. So less news reports, less game recaps, less of everything pretty much. Fewer posts for sure, probably more insight (however inaccurate) and more fun. It won't be journalistic excellence, that's for sure. But it will be something. Although I've probably lost all the readers (all 3 of you!) that I had before, but then again, I'm doing it more for myself this time around.

Glad to see you again. It's only been less than a month. Come on people. Thanks be unto Ryan Freel and his death-defying collision.

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Shawn said...

He's back!